Class Requirements

How to register for a class:

The calendar is updated on a regular basis and will show you which classes are available.  Once you have decided on dates that work for you please contact us to confirm availablity of the class you'd like to attend. 

             Deposit amount:

  • Basic Blacksmithing - $100
  • A Taste of Blacksmithing- $50

What to bring/wear:

You will need to bring:

  • Clear safety glasses- ANSI-approved safety glasses with shatter proof lenses
  • Hearing protection- Reusable rubber or disposable sponge plugs or muffs 

These can be purchased at any hardware store.

Please wear:

  • Shoes- Close toed, leather or fire resistant
  • Shirts/Pants- Non synthetic, avoid frayed clothing, do not wear shorts
  • Gloves- Leather gauntlet, tig or driver style (wearing gloves is a personal choice, bring them if you want them)

We provide all the tools and materials needed.  There will be safety glasses and hearing protection for sale  if needed.


Students must be 18 years or up at this time.  If you are under 18 and interested in blacksmithing please contact us.  We would like to offer classes for young adults in the future if we see there is an interest.

All students are welcome at the Montana Blacksmith School regardless of race, sex, religious affiliation, national or ethnic origin.